perfectly portable <em>To Go</em> liquid sweetener monkfruit

New Nevella® Monk Fruit To Go™ is the first and only truly portable liquid zero calorie and carbohydrate sweetener.

Monk Fruit is a fruit from Asia that has been used for nearly 800 years by locals as both an all natural sweetener and for other potential health benefits.* Monk Fruit contains mogrosides, a naturally occurring zero calorie sweetener. We extract the mogrosides by crushing the fruit, infusing it in hot water, and then filtering it for a clean sweet taste. It is the key ingredient used to make Nevella® Monk Fruit To Go, which also contains a small amount of preservative to maintain freshness. What could taste better than a sweetener made from real fruit?

You'll love the taste and you'll feel good about using something made with the natural sweetness of fruit. It's a liquid so it dissolves instantly with no stirring. Click here to learn more about Monk Fruit or visit your local Walmart Supercenter to try it today!

* Yao Xue Xue Bao. 2009 Nov;44(11):1252-7

Dr. Oz Endorsement of Monk Fruit Extract and Press Release